Chester Beer Appreciation at Bawn Lodge – Review

I’ve been “appreciating” beer for as long as I can remember and so you can imagine the giddy excitement of finding out that what we all used to call “Drinking” can now be considered to be a legitimate hobby, up there along side fly fishing and allotment tending, and the reason for this paradigm shift, the Chester beer appreciation society!

The society put on monthly gatherings in different pubs and bars around Chester with the emphasis on quality beer. Last nights event took place at Bawn Lodge in Hoole, a great venue with a decent bar which despite being pretty much on my doorstep I have largely neglected. The format of the night was 3 courses of food matched with 3 complementary beers which for £12 I think was amazing value. There was a theme to the night too, all food and drink was from Yorkshire save for the wild card Bakewell tart desert! Fishcakes with a light citrusy pint of 7 C’s, Pork and yorkshire puddings with a hearty brown pint of Battleaxe and the Bakewell tart with a malty sweet pint of brown cow. I could almost feel the real ale drinkers beard sprouting from my chin as I sipped! Each course was introduced by Kat, one of the organisers who would give us a bit of background info on the beers and why they were chosen with the food.

The format of the nights vary from place to place and with the varying themes and so there may be more or less beer, sometimes full on meals and sometimes snacks to match the drinks. The crowd was friendly and fun and the venue is worth a visit any night of the week.

And so in short, I drank beer on a school night and its fine because it’s my hobby.


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