Civil War re-enactment this coming bank holiday week-end in Chester

The reconstruction of the siege of Chester

Chester’s Civil War History comes to life this bank holiday weekend

Saturday / Monday August 29-31st 2015

Chester welcomes the Sealed Knot Society to Chester where they will perform several battle re-enactments.

The Sealed Knot is a charity that performs re-enactments, provides education and commemorates history. The events take place across the U.K.

In this case the siege of Chester will be relived. The battle took place over three years and came to a climax in 1645. It was a horrific time period for the people of Chester as they were constantly bombarded from across the river. They suffered danger, death, deprivation and hunger.

Chester was the last port in England still loyal to the King in Royalist hands.

The walls were fortified and strengthened during this time. They played a huge role in protection at the time and have been focal point of Chester’s history for centuries.

Cestrians will have a chance to re-live these days and it will be remarkable to see a skirmish performed from the walls where King Charles once stood.

This bank holiday weekend the volunteers from The Sealed Knot Society will make this city their home. There will be an encampment which is open Sunday and Monday to the public from 11a.m.- 4p.m. both days.

Come and speak to the soldiers, their families and re-live what times were like for them on the field of battle.

The volunteers won’t just be on the field..they also plan to roam the city streets and mix with the locals.Starting Saturday at 12 noon with a warm welcome by The Lord Mayor in Town Hall Square. Look out for 17th Century doctors, soldiers, preachers, and more. They will be in the city until 4pm.

The year 1645 will be alive in our town centre this weekend.

Many thanks to the Sealed Knot Society and their many volunteers for including Chester in this passionate event again this year.

The event planning is extensive and involves over 1200 volunteers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bigger than ever!

The encampment will be located on the racecourse this year and open to the public from 11.a.m. – 4pm Sat/Sun 

The battles will take place on at 2:30pm on Sunday and 2pm on Monday at The Chester Racecourse and last for approx. 45 minutes. Watch Roundhead and Cavalier clash in a reenactment of the 1645 Battle of Rowton Moor!


Chester Civil War Tours from the Chester Visitor Centre Daily

A Chester based tour company providing tours of the city with civil war history DAILY

They even offer a civil war PUB tour –

see their web page for more info

The Sealed Knot

@sealed_knot on twitter


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