Author Tells Tales About the Eastgate Clock

imageBev Cowperthwaite – who goes by the pen name Evelyn Winters has written a classic tale about the Eastgate Clock in Chester. The Little Big Clockmaker is a story about a talented clockmaker called Egan Bagley, who is about to create one of the most magnificent clocks the country had ever set eyes on. After a visit from a gypsy selling him a bewitched bead, things turn peculiar. With the magical powers of the four faced clock, the little gnome of a man plays havoc with time and is about to become one of the richest men in the city with upsetting consequences.

The short story is now available for download on Kindle. Bev says, “I have worked with both Robin Chambers, a local author of the Myrddin’s Heir series who edited this story, and with Rizal Nugroho who designed the charming illustration.

“It has already received a five star review on by one of their top fifty reviewers, Grady Harp.”

Bev also asks: “Next time you visit Chester, take a selfie with the Eastgate Clock in it and post on the Amazon book page using the ‘Share your own customer images’ link. Let’s show how this IS one of the most photographed clocks in the country.”

View on Amazon


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