Music, Cupcakes & Cocktails & Mad Hatters

On Saturday evening Mad Hatters paid host to the latest in a number of fundraising events for the forthcoming 2014 Chester Pride event. It was a fab evening. There was the fab Mad Hatters hospitality which always creates a great vibe, there were stalls selling cosmetics and crafts a very inventive array of cocktails on the menu (Mo-Tea-to was AMAZING!)

The night also had entertainment, firstly we had Bexi Owen. The former member of the Mad Hatters family turned pin up diva singing classic nostalgic tunes from the 1950’s & 60’s. This was really fun to watch, Bexi sings beautifully & seemed to really enjoy joking with the audience so by the end everyone was nicely warmed up (although the cocktails may have played a part in this!).

Next up was gothic belly dancing of course (what else)! Les petits dance are a duo and were great to watch, both really charismatic performers who had great chemistry and moved really well. They rounded off there performance by bringing on audience members for an impromptu belly dancing lesson, I managed to resist (2 drinks in’t enough!).

Bexi rounded off the evening perfectly with a few more numbers.

Overall it seemed a successful night with a nice boost to the kitty for this years Pride. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any more events like this in the future and try and give you some advance notice.


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