Chester Rocks Fringe (a very late) review

So time has whizzed by already since Chester Rocks Fringe but I had to make sure it got a mention.  My base camp for the event was the stage set up at Minerva Lodge Tattoo Club on Northgate Street, in their upstairs art gallery.  We arrived not really knowing what to expect as it sounded a pretty unusual venue for an afternoon gig.  The building itself is beautiful and has a rich vintage feel about it.  The gallery is a big, Georgian (i think!) light and airy room with urban type art on the walls and upcycled furniture dotted around the room for sale. The atmosphere was great, everyone perched around either on the floor or on the big leather sofa with the stage area set at the far end. There was a lovely mix of ages there too from tiny babies, small children dancing about to all their families and friends. It was the closest a public event could get to a gathering at a house. Everyone was loving the vibe. The line up was lively and varied, the billing was;


The Queens Minions

White Wolves

Me & Deboe

The Jigsaws

Matty H


It was great to have such a mix of styles and sounds all MC’d by a member of The Queens Minions who was upbeat and dryly witty.  Though I thoroughly enjoyed pretty much all the music I have to give an particular mention to Me & Deboe who I just love and it was ace to hear a full set of their own songs with some new stuff too – talented and inspiring ladies.


Chester Rocks Fringe happened across a range of venues in Chester that weekend, but I’m so glad I picked this one.  A fab venue that is worth checking out for its art gallery and its tattoo artistry – and more gigs please if you could. I’m already looking forward to next year.


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