Dai’s Reportage: Drawings in the Lost Theatre

Most people are aware of the recent unhappy story of theatre in Chester.  The Gateway Theatre had served Chester well with its main auditorium and studio theatre, but the major new development that was to transform the Northern Quarter meant it had to be replaced with a brand new theatre for a new age.  The Gateway closed and the icy winds of economic depression gripped the land and city, tearing up building plans, and leaving the old auditorium dark and empty of seating.

Time has past, Tip Top Productions has kept the fire of drama burning, and the Odeon, another empty morgue dreaming of happier days is saved to be born again within the arts.

What of the Gateway?  In the darkness, dreams of drama recite soliloquies and shuffling feet exit and re-enter stage left, but in the very heart of the theatre, on the stage, a magician is creating new life – from grotesque creature to shining angels.  Here is the Midsummer Watch Studio, the workshop of the Russell Kirk, Artistic Director of CWaC’s Parades, processions and community events; here in this high ceilinged cave he breathes life into so many dream creatures before setting them lose on the streets.

Thank you Russell for letting the scribbler in.

(click to enlarge)

The Lost Theatre - 1

The Lost Theatre 2The Lost Theatre 3The Lost Theatre 4.pgThe Lost Theatre 6The Lost Theatre 7The Lost Theatre 8The Lost Theatre 9.pgthe Lost Theatre 10.pg



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