Struggling Lyricist in Chester

Is there a place in the music industry for a lyricist?  That is something i have wondered for a long time.  With me being based in Chester there is nothing in the city to help people like me.  I remember having a conversation with someone about it and they told me to move to a bigger city like Manchester or Liverpool as i might have a better chance, which is 50/50.  There is no guarantee that i would of succeeded in either of those cities.  But why should i move?  I love living in Chester, it’s a great place to live.  I don’t sing or play an instrument which is why i am trying to find a musician to work with.  It’s hard to find someone local who is interested, i have even advertised for musicians on websites.   So am i wasting my time?  Perhaps my lyrics aren’t good enough?  If it came down to it i would even try singing myself, but i just need that guidance and a musical partner to help me out.  I know Chester is full of musical talent, is there anybody who would like to work with a lyricist?  Or do i just give up on my dream?


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