Do something Good for Nothing

Calling all creative, tech and design folk

Good for Nothing Chester is bristling with good intentions and singing up a Sunny Day in readiness for our first “24 hour hack gig” on 16th and 17th May 2014.

Our hack will start on Friday 16 May at 1900 when we’ll introduce the chosen Ventures (the good causes, the causes of the good), and they’ll talk through their briefs – brought to you by the letter F for food, farms and good old-fashioned fun.

Hey, back up the fun bus a minute. This all sounds good, but what’s it all about?

Well, let us explain…

Why are we doing this? To bring sunshine, skills and talent to Chester’s cause-led innovators and change makers, to make Chester – and the world – the kinda inspiring place we want to live.

How will we do what we do? Talented, experienced and like-minded creative, tech and design folk will give their skills for free to answer our Ventures’ challenges.

What does the hack involve? Good for Nothing is a bit like a house party but with people doing good stuff rather than getting hammered. Music is a big part of the experience and so is great food and drink.

Where will it be? WM360, Merchant’s House, Chester

Our Good for Nothing friends have donated music, food and drink to keep all of you good people going for 24 hours, so watch this space to find out who to heap your love upon. All we ask is you bring your favourite childhood game.


Now sign up and pass this on to every talented friend know – especially any designers, developers & copy writers – via twitter #sunnyday @GFNChester #getyohackon. Not only will you feel warm inside, you’ll feel like the cat that got the cream…and the custard.

Alice, Holly & Dave (Chester Crew)
Ps Go on, you know you want to.


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