A Chester Poem

As well as writing lyrics i do dabble in a bit of poetry from time to time.  I have written a poem today about Chester and more or less about what i have highlighted in my recent posts.  Any comments are welcome.  Please read below.

Chester is a town with so much to give
With beautiful views and it’s history
Old buildings stand tall and strong
But some left empty for far too long

Streets are lined with shops and places to eat
Sad to see no places for musicians to meet
Busking in the town all day long
Just for people to hear their songs

Chester needs something fresh and new
Everyone must know that this is true
Now is the time to make a change
Before our vibrant city starts to fade

Chester is a town with so much soul
Dig deep down and we can make it glow
Chester could be known for many centuries
As the town to start a new chapter in it’s story

Thanks for reading :).


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