As a struggling lyricist in Chester i have noticed that we don’t have many resources for our talented musicians.  In my opinion Chester is not the city it was.  Every time i walk through the City Centre i see the musical talent we have busking on the streets.  Chester needs to provide more for our talent and i have quite a few ideas on how this could be achieved.  I have taken upon myself to write to the Chester MP, Mr Mosley to highlight these issues i have.  We have so many buildings that are just sitting there empty going to waste, when they could be used for something that Chester does not have.  Our musicians need more, we have places like Liverpool, Manchester, London etc who all have talent agents, music managers, recording studios, rehearsal rooms, i could go on.  Chester has nothing like that and i think it is a shame.  This needs to change, Chester’s talent should be celebrated and encouraged at every opportunity.  I have so many ideas and i would love to be able to put them to good use.  Chester is no longer a city with any kind of entertainment i.e no cinema, no bowling alley, not even an arena to have live music.  Now is the time something was done to bring life and vibrancy back into our beautiful city.



  1. Hi Nicola

    I had a similar conversation with a well known busker in Chester; about changes in policies on where people can busk etc., amplification and the like. I think we’d all be interested to know how you get on.

    ATB. Rebeccca


    1. Hi Rebecca

      Thank you for your comment. Yes there should be changes. Music is something i am very passionate about and i believe in Chester’s talent. It just needs to be more highlighted and that is something i hope to achieve.

      Take care


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