Dai’s Reportage: Travelling Fair

Today the Pat Collins Travelling Fair is back in the Little Roodee for its annual visit, tying in with the start of the Racing season.  A couple of years ago I spent quite a bit of time sketching at the Fair ground over the week, and got to know and chat to some of the folk who owned the Rides and Stalls, and some who were working and travelling with the Fair.

Drawing can be tricky as there are so many people milling about having fun, and the big Rides are difficult to catch as they spin and swerve above one. Here are some of the sketches…..starting with one entrance (seen before)…

One of the entrances to the Fairground……

The travelling caravan village – a community always on the move except for a few months of the year.

The Tacada No.1 Ride….

The Dodgems, still knocking and sparking……


I found this lorry, which was providing power for a Ride, behind the caravans.  After doing the drawing another Ride owner came up and said they had such a lorry too, and could I sketch it!  One or two of the drawings of rides have ended up slightly enlarged on the inside walls of the ticket cabins.

This was the really High Ride….

The Lads and Lasses at the Fair…..

An old favourite – the Waltzer……

and the Final Spin……



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