Got something to say?

At Chester Culture we’re always on the lookout for new bloggers, people who can offer fresh insights or ideas, critiques or previews on anything Cultural in the local area.

Don’t worry if your not a super accomplished writer or if you haven’t written blogs before. What we’re most interested in is real relevant voices and fresh perspectives.

Whether you’re an artist or creative sort who wants to talk about your practice, a member of a group or society or just anyone with an opinion about the local arts and culture landscape we’d love to hear from you. It’s the community spirit that keeps blogs like this going and so if you think you’d like to join us then let us know who you are in the comments below.

Hope your all having fun and culture filled weekends!


One thought on “Got something to say?

  1. Hi Dave, I like what you and the other Bloggers are doing, and I’d like to get involved if that’s ok with you. With Amy’s help I put some sketches up recently, and am planning to put some of the Fairground on this week just before this year’s Races Fair rolls into town.

    Could I come along to a future meeting at Funky Ardvark?

    Dai Owen


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