Dai’s Reportage

Most people are aware of reportage writing and photographic reportage, but less have heard of reportage drawing.  I work as an illustrator, based in Chester, and in recent years have fallen in love with the reportage style.  This involves sketching ‘live’ and quickly to try to capture something of the feel  and atmosphere of events, places or people.  The need for speed has led this style to develop a number of its own drawing techniques;  lines are not always straight and can cross each other, parts of the drawing can be unfinished or implied, and thicker lines can emphasize important parts or draw the eye in. Chester is a historic and good looking city, but it is far more than that;  there are areas that are not obviously pretty, but are full of life and character.  Festivals, parades, the races, the river and the fairground come and go through the year and, in reality, the city is a constantly buzzing animation of contrasts and shades – the hunting ground for reportage. I hope to catch some part of this with the drawings….. ( click on an image to increase size)

Canal by the Mill Hotel
Canal by the Mill Hotel
Below Hoole Bridge
Below Hoole Bridge
'Aladdin' - Tip Top  Productions
‘Aladdin’ – Tip Top Productions
Fairground entrance
Fairground entrance
'Making up' for the Winter   Watch Parade
‘Making up’ for the Winter Watch Parade
'The Lost Theatre 1' (Studio on the stage)
‘The Lost Theatre 1’
(Studio on the stage)

2 thoughts on “Dai’s Reportage

  1. Really love your drawings, I will be using some of your images as influences on my own work for my uni project! What media do you use for the majority of your drawings?


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