Cathedral At Height Tour – now open!

DSC_0134I was one of the lucky few to have a sneak preview of the all new “Cathedral at Height tour” in Chester Cathedral.  It’s exciting to be offered a new perspective on such a key piece of Chester. I don’t want to give too much away as it is really worth a visit of your own but here’s a little flavour of what you can expect…


We spiraled up and up through layers of the Cathedral stopping for stories about significant pieces and events in this interwoven history. The talk by the Cathedral staff was passionate, warm  and engaging – you don’t have to be a massive fan of history to enjoy this either, and it really did bring the place alive for me in a whole new way.  A great opportunity to see the wonderful stained glass at a new and closer perspective and from here you really do get a sense of the interplay the different centuries have had on the architecture, decoration and use of the Cathedral.


Up up up we continued(and for scardy-cats like me there was a handrail to grab at all times which was comforting) until we reached, for the ultimate view point on the roof.  You will see across 5 counties even as far as Iceland (well the one on Frodsham street any way – sorry!) Wow.


This little adventure on our doorstep will be enjoyed as much by locals as by tourists and I’m so pleased to see the Cathedral introducing new and interesting ways we can all enjoy this place.  Get full details here;



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