Austin Wilde: Chester’s renaissance man

Austin Wilde’s book is launched this month, so I thought I’d dust off this post about the story behind his book. Enjoy

This post originally appeared on Schotts List, but I thought it deserved a run-out on here too. Enjoy

I have a white dog and a beard.

That’s the message I received moments before I met Austin Wilde. For some reason, I just knew I was going to like him.

Austin Wilde moved to Chester to write a novel about London. Chester also had the advantage of being closer to his family after the loss of his father, itself the catalyst for his writing. It was his way of coping with grief, understanding mortality. This cathartic exercise gave birth to a book, entitled My Dad’s Deader Than Your Dad: a fanzine for death, written for the individual generation that fetishizes the new over the now. The accompanying blog secured him a London agent and interest from Faber & Faber. But the book never came out.  Most importantly, perhaps, this…

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