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Grand Unveiling Saturday February 15

If you have ever been to to Telford’s Warehouse you have surely seen the lovable giraffe and animal themed mural on the wall behind the stage. They have graced the stage at the local music venue and restaurant for over 12 years! They have shared the stage with Frank Turner, Catfish & The Bottlemen , Cerys Matthews and countless other internationally known musicians.

Mike  Howard  a local artist  and graphic designer has been commissioned to  design the backdrop. A new updated- modern and cool look is being created and painted onto the wall now.
Mike is excited for the challenge- it is a great opportunity for him to try something new.
The design encompasses details that bring the theme of Telford’s together. A fresh and contemporary design.
A large sunset (wonderful cold beer outside at the canal with stunning views ), a cave reminiscent of the stage and dance area with in the venue, psychedelic feel with abstract creatures ,animal musicians and funky colours. It all comes together to provide a very  fitting background for the many and varied artists that adorn the stage.

Mike Devoy, promoter at Telford’s Warehouse, says “After recent visits to venues in cities such as Liverpool and Manchester I have realised how dated Chester has become. I want to move Telford’s into the future and what better way than to involve the young artistic community at hand”

Saturday all will be unveiled and you can come by to admire the work.


Telford’s Warehouse is a keen promoter of  independent business and talent in our city. Choosing a local artist is only part of what they try to promote Chester.
They hold concerts and are well known for bringing in wonderful talent from near and far. Renowned for good food, excellent beer a vibrant music scene.  They  also promote local painters and artists. The upstairs restaurant is a gallery which has been displaying art work for 20 years.

Mike Howard has worked professionally as a freelance illustrator since graduating in 2012.
he is influenced by the likes of artists such as : MC Escher, Mike Perry and Steven Harrington. The exposure is sure to be beneficial to his career as hundreds of photos will be taken next to some of the country’s best up and coming bands.
Check Out his website at

Photos of the new backdrop will be posted soon- after they are unveiled!

The venue has amazing events and concerts planned for 2014.  They will be part of the 

The Inland Waterways Association (IWA)  National Campaign Festival on the Shropshire Union Canal in Chester over the weekend of 6th – 8th June 2014. This is being held in the tower wharf region with music and activities for the whole family.

You can follow their web site for concert and event dates.

PIMP CLINIC Event at Telford’s Warehouse  SAT FEB 15th

The iconic Telford's giraffe peeking over the shoulders of these lovely ladies!
The iconic Telford’s giraffe peeking over the shoulders of these lovely ladies!

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