Tony Evans Sculpture @ Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral is currently hosting a solo exhibition of the work of Sculptor Tony Evans, the exhibition opened on 5th Feb ans is running until the end of the month.

The Cathedral is an interesting choice to host something like this, a complete contrast to a traditional clean white art space instead there are a lot of distractions and so taking in the work needs a bit more concentration than it normally would.

Tony Evans
The Zebra

That said, mustering the necessary focus is worth it, the work is really interesting and develops character the longer you spend with it. The work is figurative but uses expressive techniques that make as much a feature of the materials as they do of the subject matter.

Cut, hammered, jagged metal angular chunks form an array of subjects, mostly animals but despite these techniques that emphasise materials the creatures are loaded with character. A stand out example being a colt horse, the spindly legs and shy tilt of the head render the heavy chunk of metal as something that feels fragile and vulnerable.

The Cathedral is free to enter (donations optional!)



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