Reverse Angle photography exhibition – a review

Reverse Angle is an impressive selection of over 50 photographic portraits of comedians taken by Andy Hollingsworth on show at the Grosvenor Museum.  Andy is based in Chester and has photographed well over 100 of our best known, best loved and emerging comedians;  Eddie Izzard , Michael McIntyre, Bill Bailey, Harry Hill, Sarah Millican, John Richardson and many more. The exhibition opened today (1st Feb 2014) with a 1 hour tour led by Andy himself.

Andy’s work is often used on promos and DVD covers and the exhibition features a number of these along with more off-the-cuff backstage portraits.  His work is technical and composed but maintains a real soul and spirit that I often find is lacking in very premeditated work.  He manages to capture, a shared look, or a little moment that gives you an extra insight into the person behind the persona. It was also really surprising and cool to see how many of these photographs have been taken in Chester, both in Andy’s studio and in the streets and parks in town. The tour (one of 3 to be held during the exhibition) really added an extra dimension to the work, full of spark and passion; stories behind the work and the people he’s worked with,  related pieces not included in the exhibition and, of particular interest to creatives, he shared snippets of his approach, his techniques and tricks, though never in too much detail for those just interested in the finished work itself.

My personal favorite photograph in the exhibition has to be the portrait of Harry Hill. It’s so simple, and so pared back, yet captures the essence beautifully.

The exhibition is a must-see and if you get chance, I highly recommend the tour to get really inside the work.

Reverse Angle is on at Grosvenor Museum , Chester from 1 February to 11 May 2014.

Tours led by Andy are held on;

Saturday 8 March, ‘Reverse Angle: Exhibition Tour’, 2-3pm

Saturday 10 May, ‘Reverse Angle: Exhibition Tour’, 2-3pm.


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