The Snow Queen – Review

Theatre in the Quarter presented

The Snow Queen at St Mary’s Centre , Chester ,

from December 5, 2013-

January 11, 2014

Our roaming reporter Rose attended the play for one of their final performances.

Here is what she had to say:


 written by Rose McInerney

The recent production from Theatre in the Quarter of ‘The Snow Queen’ defies simple description. Simply stepping from the streets of Chester onto the church grounds feels like entering an entirely different world. I am greeted, for example, by a wandering accordionist, characters of every age sell their wares; oranges, a pipe cleaner flower (which I still have), and by a group who sits merrily on the edge of the stage kitting and chatting with atmospheric fiddle music playing all the while. While waiting for the show to begin, I have my fortune read – adventure and creativity are apparently in my future – and mini dramas play out all around me. It seems every member of the cast is out here, in character already, and I feel as if the play has already started without even one scripted line having been uttered.

I came into this play not knowing what to expect, I had no idea who Theatre in the Quarter were, had only vaguely heard of The Snow Queen as a Hans Christian Anderson tale, but as soon as the story began, I found myself dredging memories, I had of course heard the story before, and the music too seemed as though transported from a half-forgotten dream. Composed by Matt Baker, I had the fortune to listen to the wonderful harmonies and interweaving tunes, found myself singing along to descants I’d never heard before, the music was simply divine. I found myself very upset that I would probably not hear this music again and even after the show has finished I wish I could see it again.

As the story unfolds – Norse Mythology of Loki, Odin and Ragnarök mixed with the traditional Snow Queen tale, I find myself drawn in to the frost and glitter that sparkles under the lights and multimedia that all blend seamlessly together to create a wonderful show. After the show is finished, I wander out in a daze, still humming tunes that will stay with me for some time, pondering on the usefulness of penguins (very little practical use in a crisis as it happens), bemoaning my anagrammatically challenged nature and overall wondering when I can come and see another one. Theatre in the Quarter should be on everyone’s radar, every actor in the is worth their weight in gold and I will be watching for their next production with bated breath to see what wonders they will bring us next.


Thank you Rose for the contribution and Congrats to Theatre in the Quarter for an Amazing production!!


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