The Contemporary Art Space Chester
Kingsway Campus
is currently hosting an art exhibition
Russell Kirk local artist‎

10 January- 14 February 2014
10am-4pm daily

The exhibit is a wonderful and rare insight into the making of Russell Kirk’s art.

Russell is known to many Chester residents as the creator and organizer of the many wonderful parades that grace our city. He is a gracious and essential individual in our community.

The exhibit takes one behind the scenes into the design and building of Russell’s amazing floats.
The CASC offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
There is a table upon arrival filled with hats that are hand made by the artist. Visitors are encouraged to try them on- and wear them- while wandering around the exhibit.
Russell’s expressive sketches and drawings adorn the walls and are fascinating to view.
This includes a series of drawings called “The Bomb”
which is placed around the Art Space bringing a intriguing story to life. Fascinating work.P1160473

Definitely a worthwhile visit to enjoy and admire the works of this local artist.

The Contemporary Art Space is a unique and interesting venue-
for more information see



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