The Snow Queen – Theatre in the Quarter

Theatre  in the Quarter – present
The Snow Queen
Russ Tunney (director)  and Matt Baker (composer) have recreated this Hans Christian Anderson  fairy tail as a Christmas musical. The venue, St Mary’s Centre , located behind the Grosvenor Museum, adds to the incredible charm of this timeless piece. The show starts before the curtain is raised. A wonderful ingredient.
 As the audience arrive at St. Mary’s many of the actors are already a performing in and around the venue. You can interact with the characters..and even have your fortune told! A warm and enthusiastic atmosphere. The show is full of great music and incredible voices keeping you enthralled throughout. Many children grace this production which adds a very special “Christmas Time” touch.
The story is classic Snow Queen complete with a big Winter Circus, funny characters, a pirate fight and so much more.  A wonderful and fun adaptation of this classic tale.  Follow Gerda to the “far far north ”  as she attempts to save Kai  from the  clutches of the Snow Queen and experience adventure along the way. 
We are reminded of the importance of friendship, love and that
“A mirror only shows us what is on the outside”.
Theatre in the Quarter use some modern stage techniques that will delight you and make the show spectacular.
Matt Baker is known to many in Chester as the genius  composer behind much of our theatre. He composed all the music for the Mystery Play 2013 and A Christmas Carol performed last December by Theatre in the Quarter. Just a few of his many projects.
Highly recommended. If you can go before the final performance on Saturday January 11… Please do!
The  main actors have all studied the Arts and are true professionals. You will recognize a few faces from past productions.
The mix of professional  acting along side community performers is a mix that can not be beat. Combining stellar  performance with some fun! Another example of community involvement and fantastic theatrical performances in Chester.
Directed by: Russ Tunney
Music by: Matt Baker
Film by: Helen Newall
Designed by : Judith Croft
To book tickets  please visit the Chester Cathedral Box Office  01244 500959
Matinee and Evening performances available
The Actors: Cassandra Charlick, David Edwards, Katie Foster-Barnes, Michelle Long and Ben Tolley.
Supported by a community chorus of adults and children.

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