Suburbs, New Cocktail place in Hoole

A new drinking spot has sprung up in Hoole. Maybe you’re thinking “does it need one?”, well “yes!”, says this blogger.

The appropriately named ‘The Suburbs’ is a small bar on Charles St (just off Faulkner St) that specialises in cocktails. Recently popped in for an after work drink and was really impressed. The team have managed to turn a very small ex chippy into a cosy cool venue. The decor is eclectic rustic and dark with quirky ornaments (note the massive horned skull on the wall!), distressed metal and bare wood. The music policy was largely vintage funk & soul, bit of Stevie Wonder, think I heard some Aretha in there too. Thats pretty fine cocktail music in my book.

The stand out feature by far was the cocktails themselves, at £7 a go they aren’t cheapies but you get your monies worth. The spirits used are all of a high quality and the results are something to be savoured. I tried a Cafe de Escobar, made with Espresso coffee and Havana Club Rum. Don’t expect your usual Margaritas and Cuba Libres here, the cocktail menu is filled with unusual concoctions with tempting and exotic names, as I was at the bar I saw a number of unusual glasses of various coloured potions being served, raw eggs were beaten, lollipops were dipped, think of a grown up willy wonkas factory and you’re in the right ball park.

I’m very much looking forward to working my way through the menu in the coming months and I’d recommend anyone who likes a cocktail and fancies trying somewhere new to give this place a try.


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