The Live Rooms- Martha Reeves concert

The Live Rooms Chester Present Martha Reeves
Welcome to Chester – The  Live Rooms!!
We are happy you are here!! Bringing iconic music to our city.
Yes, we are ready!!
On Saturday night The Live Rooms 
(located just across from the station in the old Laugh Inn)
welcomed the Motown Great
Martha Reeves.
Needless to say Martha put on an amazing show- a true tribute to her many years of performing.
Martha and the Vandellas were one of the most successful groups of the Motown era.
She brought the sold-out house to its knees – and got everyone up and dancing! 
Belting out her many hits including “Heatwave”  “Dancing in the Streets” and “Nowhere to Run..”
Fans were encouraged to sing and dance- there was great energy. 
A fantastic show with a personal touch.
An honour for her fans to welcome her to Chester!
A surprise for many was her warm up act Matt Nicholls. Alone with his guitar he held the audience captive . Martha even thought he was something special. She called him up on stage to sing her classic
 “Jimmy Mack” with her- what a treat!
The Live Rooms offer a large space with a personal atmosphere.
 In this sold out show there were seats on the main floor and standing room in the balcony- a good view wherever you are.
Before the show you can relax in the bar area- where a DJ entertains.
 On this night, of course, with Motown Classics
The LIVE ROOMS made the twitter list #Chester50 (all things culture in Chester) and we can confirm that they deserve to be on the list!
 We are ready for what you  have in store for us! 
Get up , get out and into the Live Rooms

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