Winter Watch Parade


Winter Watch Parade
This blogger was lucky enough to be part of this Spectacular Community Event in Chester last night
What better tribute to the City of Chester- than a cultural event involving  and supported by
the people of Chester.
The Winter Watch Parades are a colourful tribute to a tradition dating back to the 1400’s
Under the watchful eye of artistic director Russell Kirk the parade is well organized and buzzing with excitement.
The historical idea of the parade is that of the old “City Watch” would roam the streets
 making sure that all  was safe and secure before handing the keys  back to the city leaders.
This would then be followed by a food and drink celebration!
This was performed last night with the keys being handed over to our Lord Mayor Jill Houlbrook.
The music is loud and booming with the Karamba Samaba band beating their drums .
Costumes and characters include Dragons, Devils, a Cooks Band, Angel, Tree of Life, dancing skeletons, little devils, the Lord of Misrule, Roman Soldiers complete with mascot black bear and so much more. Colours, sights and sounds dancing through the streets of Chester.
The costumes are wonderful and vibrant. Some scary- some funny! A great mix.
Another example of Chester showing  its cultural side and  supporting the history of this great city.
Community involvement from start to finish.
 Come down and show your support–and enjoy the show.
The next Winter Watch Parade is next Thursday  December 12 at 7pm.
volunteers are welcome to contact Russell… assistance always welcome –join in the fun!
historical info on parades and the giants in Chester:

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