Chester Micro Plays- Join In!

Chester Micro Plays
Chester Micro Plays held their first event on Nov 27 at Stanley Palace.
The group invites all creative minds to come along and join in.
The idea is for aspiring writers, actors and friends to feel inspired and share that with the group.
Then perform live – creating short / mini  plays from what has been written.
All  in a relaxed atmosphere
Pub,  Bar or similar venue….
—- Last Night:
Initially there was a round of personality BINGO- a great way to warm up and chat with others.
Just strike up a conversation and learn some fun and crazy things about people.
There was then time to gather ideas and write— a short monologue– on any subject.
Those who wanted to could then share their prose with the others- some really interesting stuff!
The idea of the group is to allow writers to write- and actors to act.
Taking the spontaneously written material and performing it in a short act.  Then and there.
A venue for idea sharing and creativity. Audiences are welcome as well and those who do not want to share their writing – and just  want to enjoy being there are welcome too.
The group would like to expand and are calling all to join in!
Check out their blog at
or follow them on twitter @chestermicroply
to find out more. The next event will be based on how many people want to join in. Ideas welcome
A great way to promote creative culture in a relaxed environment !

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