Dust off your gunfingers, Shy FX & Ms Dynamite, live rooms 23/11

A rare treat tomorrow for any Drum n bass fans! The legend that is Shy FX and his multi award winning collaborator Ms Dynamite will be doing there thing at the Live rooms.

Shy was one of the key figures in bringing the underground jungle scene of the early 90’s to the masses, Original nuttah with UK apachi was many peoples first exposure to the genre. Since then he’s managed to do what few others have achieved, reaching high charting mainstream success whilst still holding the respect of the scene. Now responsible for Digital Soundboy records Shy is responsible for an impressive line up releasing for some of the hottest acts in contemporary bass music (breakage, dismantle, Skream to name a few) His own recent releases such as his infectiously danceable remix of DJ Fresh’s gold dust have seen him heading into his 3rd decade in the business with no sign of losing his power to light up a dance floor.

Ms Dynamite came to most peoples attention when she took the highly esteemed Mercury prize back in 2002 with her album A Little Deeper. Since then she’s only released one further album although a third is rumoured but her best work since the first album for me has been in her collaborations. She has a great vision that’s best realised when working with bass heavy dance music with a Caribbean flavour. Her aggressive vocal style gave a real punch to Redlight’s What you talking about but by far my personal favourite has to be what she did to Zinc’s Blunt edge. The original was a great albeit pretty subdued head nodding track, the remix Ft Ms Dynamite (Wile Out) was in a different league, it had buckets more energy, listen below.

The 2 artists have recently collaborated on Cloud 9, a blissful, sunshine reggae slanted DnB track that, although clashes a little with this chilly time of year, shows both these 2 doing what they do best, making music that makes you want to dance and smile. Looking forward to it!


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