Hoole Christmas Lights switch on!

Hoole Christmas Lights switch on is an important event in my calendar.  I’m usually a-Christmas-happens-in-December sort of person, but for this event I make an exception. I would not miss it.  If you have not attended before, I will just tell you that the first time I went, I almost cried with Christmas glee.  Enough said?  For me, and I don’t want to build it up too much, it has all the elements that give you that elusive Christmassy feeling.  Not only is there a happy and smiling family crowd, and festive music, but all the traders, (who fund the event) come together offering mulled wine, and sometimes even fruit and flowers giving it a really warm community feel.  Then of course there’s Father Christmas (amusingly always positioned somewhere in or near the Royal Oak, sensible man) And with everyone gathered in anticipation, the pretty strings of lights, and decorations are switched on –  bringing with it an extra welcoming feel to this little community, full of independent shops and charm. The switch-on is often followed by fireworks, and choirs singing.  If that doesn’t give you the Christmas feeling, there is no hope for you!

Hoole Christmas Lights Switch on;

5pm start, with switch on at 6pm  Saturday November 16th

Faulkner Street, Hoole, Chester.

Be there or bah humbug!


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