Review – Me & Deboe, The bridge inn, 09/11/2013

This was my first visit to the bridge inn on Tarvin road, a nice place a cosy local pub feel with a decent array of beers, unfortunately no food available and we turned up having not eaten (our fault, not the pubs!). On realising there was no chance of any pub grub we very soon began to get itchy feet, thinking we’d duck out for a curry or similar, the only problem with this is that we had The mega talented Me and Deboe performing and as much as our bellies wanted us to leave the music was too good!

me and deboe

I’ve probably seen these 2 perform over a dozen times around Chester over the past couple of years but their performances never get old. For those unlucky few who have yet to see them play they are an acoustic duo who play a mix of wildly inventive covers ranging from Kylie to Killers but they come into their-own when playing their original tracks. They have such fantastically complementary singing voices and are hugely accomplished guitarists. They kept the vibe going last night for well over 2 hours delivering each track with the same punch as the last.

Me and Deboe are increasingly in demand outside of Chester, regularly getting shows in Liverpool, London and elsewhere but at least for now we are lucky to be able to find them regularly out and about locally. There’s no question that they are destined for big things and lets hope they don’t forget there home town when it happens!

Me and Deboe’s Ep is currently available on iTunes


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