Dare to be scared?

chilling chester





On Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking the Chilling Chester theatrical ghost tour. Feeling brave, I choose the level 3 (of Hell) tour, which is suitable for those that have come of age, or 18+ as the promo literature would have it. I’ll cover the tour in a moment, but first a bit about the people behind the tours.

The Chilling Chester concept began to materialise in January this year. Harry Achilleos, the Landlord of Ye Old King’s Head, together with Natalie & Ian O’Neill, wanted to create an original walking tour in Chester that celebrated the pub’s haunted heritage. Together they formed UK Paranormal Services Ltd and began curating a tour that guaranteed scares. A team of scare attraction professionals – people who specialise in giving the public the willies – were cast and the Chilling Chester tour was born.

The tour consists of three levels of Hell. Level one is for smaller kids up to 13 years old. Level two takes on that most blasé of human beings, teenagers in the 14-17 age groups (good luck with that one!). Finally, we have level three, strictly for adults only. The tours run on Friday and Saturday, and start and end at the pub. Tickets are £13 for adults, £8 for kids and just £10 for OAPs and students. A Family ticket is £35 for two adults and two children – meaning that you bring the second child for just £1.

On with the review…..

Rather than waffle on in typical review style, I prefer to do things a little differently. Enjoy.

In a word – unpredictable

If it were a song – Thriller by Michael Jackson, obviously

If it were a person – Michael Jackson. Let’s face it, he was spooky

A longer review:

The hour-long tour takes in many of Chester’s famous and shadowy landmarks, which lend the tour an air of horror. Channelling these eerie surroundings, our guide spun tales of murder and mystery, the narrative abetted by several spooky and ethereal figures that joined us along the way. While some drift into view, others announced their presence in more sudden and shocking ways – I did actually jump out of my skin on one occasion. By the half way stage, I began to fear each new corner and viewed each passerby with suspicion – including one innocent but rather down-on-his-luck, corpulent chap who passed us on a dimly lit staircase. As we finally approached the pub for the shocking dénouement, it felt like we’d stumbled into the aforementioned pop classic video.  I cannot reveal any more here without spoiling the tour, but it all made for a jumpy hour or so.

If you’re looking for a fun alternative night out in Chester then you should give Chilling Chester a go.


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