The Chester film CO-OP – get involved

Janet Hodgson, the Lead Artist ‘Reanimating the Odeon’, is looking for people to join the Chester Film CO-OP….

Open Meeting – THURSDAY THE 21st November – 7PM STUDIO 2 – NORTHGATE STREET

Hi everyone,

I guess it’s time to meet and think about what the CO-OP should do next and what being a CO-OP member means. We know it’s about creativity and collectivity – making things happen which you couldn’t do on your own. What that means exactly, and how we do it, is up for grabs.

We need to refine our manifesto and start thinking about structures and ways of working. We have an amazing amount of good will and political weight behind us, a gallery, an office, some equipment and a small amount of funding. We have two film commissions and other education projects in the pipeline, but really it’s the CO-OP membership who should decide what we do – though I’m happy to facilitate.

I hope to see you on 21st.

Janet Hodgson, Lead Artist

Ps. The Altogether Now videos are still showing in the window of Studio 2 after dusk – they will be there for the next month or so.


4 thoughts on “The Chester film CO-OP – get involved

  1. I have to admit, Andy, I am still puzzled by Janet’s objectives in this project and if its anything organised and involves Cheshire West & Chester, then it becomes a non co-operative matter.

    This project does require leadership and its not a case of what we do is up to us, its more of a case of what do we want the Odeon Cinema to achieve in 2-3 years time – dont forget the Northgate Project is suppose to be completed by 2015-16. That doesnt give us enough time to start deciding what we want or what the people of Chester want from this CO-OP – because all thats going to happen is people will throw in all sorts of ideas, that it could end-up being too much (or perhaps too costly) to take on board.

    What is required is for someone to say this is how I see the Odeon Cinema in 2-3 years time (with budget in mind) and share that idea with people who are interested in getting involved and maybe they could add their ideas too (again, that depends if it fits within the budget) and build it from there.

    Does that make any sense?

    Karl….or Kark! 😛


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