Witness for the Prosecution

News just in from Tip Top Productions at The Forum Studio Theatre….


In its prime, British Establishment culture was a reassuring old beast, so its small wonder that people feel a touch of nostalgia for it.  No writer feeds that nostalgia better than Agatha Christie.  That’s why Tip Top Productions, based at The Forum Studio Theatre, have chosen to open their new season with “”Witness for the Prosecution”.  The audience is invited to play the role of jury in this courtroom drama running from 12th-21st September and Director Simon Philips has assembled a cast of strong, experienced actors from Tip Top with younger ones who are at the beginning of their acting careers.

Strongly tipped for future success is Lottie Davies playing the part of Greta.  As a 22 year old she has already been involved in various drama clubs since the age of 10 and was a keen member of Act One, the Drama Society in Cardiff University 2009 – 2013 and has also directed. She has won three awards including Best Dramatic Performance 2012, President’s Choice 2012 and Best Set Design 2013. 

Other talented performers are Jinny Owen who plays the part of Janet McKenzie and Kiefer Jones, a 19 years old A level drama student from Upton High School who is currently appearing in two plays at once.  Jinny who, after graduating with a language degree, studied Performing Arts for two years lives in Abergele and is involved in several amateur theatre groups in the area.  She has been an extra for the National Theatre and S4C and worked a season as a character actress at Warwick Castle.  Kiefer was last seen in April in Tip Top’s The Vicar of Dibley as Hugo Morton.

Don’t miss the chance to catch a supremely entertaining play and whilst catching up with some old favourites of Tip Top, see the young actors who are being tipped for future stardom!

Tickets can be booked for this show and all shows at the Forum Studio Theatre via the Box Office by ringing 01244 341296 or online via www.chestertheatre.co.uk.


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