Chester Mystery Plays – a final diary entry

Paul Williams has written this final diary entry for Chester Mystery Plays

“Final week, 8th-13th July

Well, I am writing this a week after the final curtain and I must say it is rather nice to have my life back. I do however, miss having something to do on an evening. My evenings now are taken up entirely by lying on my sofa, eating take aways and watching the films of Eddie Murphy on repeat. I did promise the choreographer of the show that I would adhere to a healthy diet plan she drew up for me. I haven’t.

As for the final week itself, it was indeed an event to behold.  The shows were packed to the rafters and standing ovations filled the auditorium on several occasions. I loved it, the cast loved it and it really was something that none of us will ever forget. The last night was particularly magical. I didn’t want to leave the stage, but alas I had to.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the productions. We did a fantastic job and should all feel very proud of ourselves.  Bring on Liverpool in October, where we shall hit the stage again!!”


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