Hey! You! Yes you!

I don’t mean to be rude but I wanted a chat.  How’re you doing?

Anything good on over the weekend?  Out in Chester?

If you’re explaining Chester to people what do you tell?

Half way down England on the left?  The market’s great but it’s long walk to the train? My grandad used to work on the river boats?

We’ve had a couple of stories on here about what Chester means to different people.

We want your stories!!!

A couple of photos that are important to you maybe.  A video clip or Vine if you’re feeling a bit tech.  A few words, something short at any rate.

Here’s my offering.

“1996. After a clueless day at work I meet my friend Kate at 1am from the coach.  The next morning I park my wreck of a car on Boughton and we walk by the river.  Counting our change we buy the cheapest soft drinks from a kiosk.  We sit in the warm sun and the tourists are still elsewhere.  I know, with certainty, that life is good.”

P1010844It’d be great to put some more Chester memories up here as photos or words or video.

Come and say hi on Facebook



Twitter https://twitter.com/Chester_Culture

Tell us a story and we’ll post as many as we can up here.

You know you want to 🙂


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