My latest ‘Mash-Up’

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Bob Hadfield – a local photographer who is interested in exploring Chester’s past in a rather unique way.

In my last blog I introduced the concept of my ‘mash-ups’, taking vintage images of Chester and reproducing the exact viewpoint today, and combining them together.


Here’s my most recent piece of work following in that theme:

– Eastage St. 1800s meets 2013

A composite of the famous watercolour of Eastgate St by Louise Rayner and several photographs I have taken.

I had to use many photos as Louise was quite ‘liberal’ with the point of view she painted. Impossible to recreate from one shot alone.

What I find quite interesting are the Georgian buildings to the left of the Boot Inn (right side of the image). These no longer exist and were replaced by mock Tudor buildings which if you saw them today you would think were built at the same time as the genuine Tudor buildings that surround them. It gives you a unique point of reference.

Hope you like it!


I also do more ‘conventional’ photography. Visit my site and have a look!


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