Don’t let’s ask for the moon

….when we have the stars

This Thursday – 23rd May – sees the climax of the ‘Screen on the Lane’ film season with the showing of the classic ‘Now, Voyager’.  This project was launched in June 2011 by Neil ‘Nez’ Kendall  – through the Garden Quarter office – in response to the lack of any cinema or theatre in the city centre. The idea was to provide the community with a focus and improve local cultural life, especially for the elderly residents. As Nez puts it, “we wanted to create a place where people who wouldn’t usually mix could come together to watch a good film.”

And the ‘Screen on the Lane’ was born…

This is a real community project. The local Methodist Church hosts the screenings. Nez curates the film programme based on suggestions from the community. It is open to all, with the admission price kept low through sponsorship. And some 1500 people have now passed through the Church’s doors since its inception.

Plans are now underway for the new season, which starts in October this year. If you have any suggestions, Nez would love to hear from you. Either tweet Nez @neilnezkendall or post a comment in the box below.

And now to the film in question…

Now, Voyager – Director: Irving Rapper – 1942

Now, Voyager, starring Bette Davis, Paul Henreid, and Claude Rains, is an inspiring tale of transformation, of love, and of sacrifice. The film features one of Hollywood’s most famous lines, which is also the title of this post, and one of the most mimicked scenes in cinematic history – where a man places two cigarettes between his lips, lights them both, and hands one back to his lover. It secured a record fifth Academy nomination in a row for Bette Davis, and is an acknowledged classic. What’s not to love?

Finally, I’d like to make a plea. While the project does receive sponsorship, the aim is to make it self-sustaining. You can help here by popping along on Thursday, and in the future. Now, Voyager needs to raise £75 for the season to break-even. This equates to 25-30 people. We’re not asking for the moon, just for a few stars to turn up on the night.




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